In healthcare, are we all on the same page?

Mary is amazed at the number of nurses, physicians, and housekeeping staff that come in and out of her hospital room. Everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it–except for Mary. While she is the center of attention, she’s a passenger and not a participant. She struggles to understand what the healthcare team is trying to accomplish.

Care plans in healthcare

Care plans have been used in healthcare for decades. They improve the efficiency and safety of care delivery. In a care plan, any member of the team accesses the patient’s information. They include details that help everyone on the medical team “stay on the same page.”

Mary’s Struggle

Unfortunately for Mary, these care plans aren’t written for her. And even if she had access to them, they would be too technical to offer any help. Today’s healthcare system provides patients, like Mary, access to their patient portal, some handouts, and brief interactions with staff. As a result, they don’t give her the detail she or her family needs to stay on the same page with her medical care.


The article, Providers, Payers, The Community, And Patients Are All Obliged To Get Patient Activation And Engagement Ethically Right, written by Marion Davis and Mildred Solomon is about patient engagement. They argue that the healthcare system has an ethical responsibility to inform, activate, and engage patients in their care. This argument is based on the evidence that engaged patients have better clinical outcomes. They also argue the fact that it is well within our technological abilities to make sure patients are always “on the same page.”

Why Choose BeeWell

The BeeWell platform has taken a proven model in healthcare and turned it upside down. Care plans can now be made available to patients in an interactive format that they can understand, and engage in. Now Mary can receive education on her medical condition, resolve questions before they become a concern, and see the appropriate steps that have to be taken. She is no longer a helpless bystander in her care, she has become a partner in the process.

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